Conference "Privacy Online: What Have We Learned So Far?"

Am 16. und 17. Mai 2019 findet die englischsprachige Konferenz "Privacy Online - What have we learned so far?" an der Hohenheim Universität in Stuttgart statt. Sie ist Teil des interdisziplinären Forschungsprojekts Strukturwandel des Privaten.

16.05.2019 - 17.05.2019

University of Hohenheim,

Privacy Online - What have we learned so far?

The Internet, social media, and smartphones have first created and then changed privacy online. Since approximately 20 years now, users all around the world have to decide whether to buy technological devices, to use particular services, or to disclose personal information.

During the same time, research on privacy online spawned, addressing several important research questions, such as: How can we understand human behavior online? Do we need new legal frameworks to better support people? Is it possible to develop devices that offer both compelling features and effective privacy protection?

For this conference, scholars from various disciplines will present an overview over the most relevant insights of both their own research and their respective fields. During the two days, there will be an explicit focus on discussion. In sum, with this conference we aim to answer the following question: Privacy online, what have we learned so far?

There will be four keynotes. The following keynotes have been confirmed by now:

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Website: https://strukturwandeldesprivaten.wordpress.com/