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GI Convention "PET-CON 2017.1" am 02./03. März 2017 (Frankfurt/Main)


Die Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI) lädt zur "6th Privacy Enhancing Techniques Convention (PET-CON 2017.1)" in Frankfurt am Main ein. Eine Anmeldung ist bis zum 20. Februar 2017 möglich, Beiträge können ebenfalls bis zum 20. Februar 2017 für eine freiwillige Peer Review eingereicht werden.

2.-3. march 2017, starting at 1.00 pm
Goethe University Frankfurt
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The convention is an informal gathering. PET-CON consists of contributed talks followed by discussions. Students can present their planned, ongoing or recently finished thesis in order to receive feedback. We also accept presentations of papers that has already been published elsewhere.

There is no filtering of contributions and no participation fee. However, there is a voluntary submission process with peer review. Submissions should have a length of up to eight pages and will be reviewed. 


  • abuse detection and protection
  • anonymous routing
  • application layer privacy
  • big data and data protection
  • economics of PETs
  • end-user education and training
  • HCI issues and usability
  • intrusion detection while respecting privacy
  • location privacy
  • metrics for quality of protection
  • mobile networks and smartphone applications
  • performance optimization and measurement
  • privacy in ubiquitous computing environments
  • related legal issues (data protection)


The program starts at 1.00 pm of the first day and consists of short talks (15 min.), followed by discussions and breaks. We will have dinner in the evening to foster the exchange of new ideas. On the second day we continue with talks in the morning before we close the workshop at lunchtime. 


  • Registration: until 20 February 2017
  • Submission for peer review: until 20 February 2017
  • Workshop: 2-3 March 2017


If you would like to attend PET-CON, please send an e-mail to registration at pet-con dot de with the following information

  • your name and affiliation
  • whether you are going to give a talk or not
  • (optional) the title of your talk and a short abstract
  • (optional) a PDF file you want to submit to the voluntary peer review process
  • whether you want to have lunch on day 1
  • whether you want to have dinner on day 1
  • whether you are planning to have lunch on day 2

There will be no participation fee, however you have to pay for travel and accommodation costs for yourself (or ask your professor/university for a refund). We are currently looking for sponsors who can cover (part of) the costs for lunch and/or dinner.

You may also attend the convention without giving a talk at all.

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