Murat Karaboga präsentiert zu Datenschutz bei Eyetracking

With eye tracking becoming pervasive, researchers face fundamentally new challenges regarding privacy and ethics. However, these critical topics have received little attention in the eye tracking community so far. This workshop aims to become the premier forum for these discussions as well as for the presentation of technical solutions towards privacy-aware and ethical eye tracking. The first part of the workshop will feature perspective talks given by experts on ethical, legal, and social aspects of eye tracking as well as challenges related to privacy when recording eye movements (see below for their profiles). In the second part, attendees will discuss these complementary perspectives in further detail in separate break-out groups supported by the respective expert. The result of these break-out groups will be short presentations summarising the main insights or findings of these discussions. Finally, each break-out group will present their discussion outcomes to the other groups with the goal of achieving a better understanding of the interdisciplinary character, the challenges, but also opportunities of privacy and ethics in eye tracking. Based on the discussions and the network created at the workshop, we plan to edit a special issue in a journal on the topic of privacy and ethics in eye tracking.
Organizers: Inken Hagestedt, Michael Raschke, Céline Gressel, Andreas Bulling
Schedule: May 27, 09:00 - 12:00
Alle Details finden Sie hier: https://prethics.perceptualui.org/