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CfP: Conference: A = Anonymity, call for participation


Vom 24. bis 27. Oktober findet in Hamburg die Konferenz "A = Anonymity" statt. Organisiert wird die Veranstaltung vom Forschungsprojekt "Reconfiguring Anonymity" und der Anonymity Research Group. Beitragsvorschläge zum Thema Anonymität können per E-Mail eingereicht werden.

24. - 27. Okt. 2018,

Conference: "A = Anonymity", call for participation

The research project „Reconfiguring Anonymity“ (http://reconfiguring-anonymity.net) and the Anonymity Research Group is organizing a conference to discuss its research and the topic of anonymity at large.

Call for participation: 

The conference is open to interested researchers or artists that want to present aspects of their work, discuss ideas or research results. Particularly our workshops and labs are designed as open spaces for discussion and interaction. So if you are working on the topic of anonymity or when your research is related to the topic and you want to take part in whatever way, contact us (nils.zurawski@uni-hamburg.de). We are looking forward to your emails, projects and suggestions for participation. For more details see information on the conference and the preliminary programme, which will still evolve, under http://reconfiguring-anonymity.net/?page_id=889

There is no conference fee!

The Anonymity Research Group consists of a variety of diverse researchers and artists. The group has gathered around the VW-funded project „Reconfiguring Anonymity“ (http://reconfiguring-anonymity.net) and is coming from such backgrounds as cultural anthropology, art history, media theory, criminology, sociology, working on issues of police, surveillance, sperm donation, hackers and digital culture, financial technologies. They share an interest in ethnographic approaches and methods, which inform their work. In the project they work collaboratively on new theoretical approches towards anonymity in an age, where such seems no longer guaranteed given the state of the digitized world and its imperatives of transparency and the possibilities of surveillance.

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