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Workshop "Fake news and its implications on democracy" - ITJ 2017 (Dubrovnik)


Im Rahmen der Konferenz "Big data - Small World" findet zwischen dem 29. Mai und dem 01. Juni 2017 der Workshop "Fake news and its implications on democracy" statt. Bis zum 25.03.2017 können im Rahmen des Call for Papers Abstracts eingereicht werden.

29. Mai - 01. Juni 2017
Dubrovnik, Croatia


InMed Institute and Faculty of Political Science supported by IPSA’s Research Committee 10 on Electronic democracy and in partnership with DEL research network are organizing IPSA Workshop on „Fake news.“ We would like to hear about:

Workshop topics:

  • History of fake news and its origins
  • Fake news websites
  • Future of journalism in times of post-truth and fake news
  • Fake news in political campaigns
  • „Alternative facts“ and Trump's campaign
  • Fake news and democracy
  • Importance of relevant sources and how to distinguish false and truth information
  • Exposing and challengingfake news
  • Fake news, misinformation and propaganda

Conference topics:

  • From datafication to data activism
  • 'Dark' uses of Big data
  • Applications of Big data and the way in which the data is collected and organised
  • Management of Big data, Data mining and statistical predictions
  • Data journalism
  • Big data and Social Media
  • Political campaigns and Big data

Important dates:

  • March 25 Abstract submission
  • April 10 Notification of acceptance of abstracts
  • May 25 Full paper/presentation submission
  • May 29 - 30 Workshop
  • May 31 – June 1 Conference

Further Information for applicants:

  • Interested participants should first submit an abstract (a 300-word outline) of their paper by 25 March, 2017 indicating clearly its subject and scope, and including a provisional title. The abstracts received will be peer-reviewed and authors will be notified of the outcome by 10 April, 2017.
  • Authors of accepted abstracts will be required to send the full paper or presentation by 25, May 2017
  • The conference language is English. 
  • Invited are individuals from academic and practical backgrounds as well as public administration offices, public bodies, NGOs, education institutions and independent organizations, to submit their contributions.

Please send all submissions by electronic mail in pdf format tomarina@edemokracija.hr.
All submissions are subject to a double-blind full paper review by at least 2 reviewers. To facilitate the review process, please write a separate cover sheet with the paper title and affiliation/s and omit the affiliations in the actual paper.

Costs :
EUR 70 – for authors
EUR 85 – for participants

Weiterführende Informationen (Anmeldung, Programm):

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