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Policy Brief des EU-Projekts "Increasing Resilience in Surveillance Societies" veröffentlicht


Das im Rahmen des FP7 Framework Programme von der EU geförderte Projekt "Increasing Resilience in Surveillance Societies" (IRISS) formuliert in einem Policy Brief Empfehlungen an den Rat der EU und das Europäische Parlament hinsichtlich der, im Kontext der Europäischen Datenschutzreform verhandelten, Auskunftsrechte.

Recommendations to the Council of the EU and the European Parliament on access rights, in the context of the European data protection reform


"The right of access to personal data is a central feature of European data protection law. It is, arguably, the most important of the so-called “ARCO” data protection rights (access, rectification, cancellation, opposition) because, if one cannot discover what is held about oneself, it is not possible to exercise the remainder of these rights. Furthermore, the right of access to personal data is essential to uncovering illegal and illegitimate surveillance practices. 

Ten European universities and research centres have recently undertaken research on the exercise of access rights in Europe within the framework of the project IRISS, Increasing Resilience in Surveillance Societies. Our study3 was conducted across ten European countries4 and investigated over 300 public and private organisations, including responses to 184 subject access requests submitted by researchers.5 The findings have highlighted important problems and difficulties in the exercisability of access rights from the perspective of the data subject. Obstacles to the exercise of access rights are exacerbated by the existing European data protection legal framework, the reform of which is underway.6 We therefore urge the Council and the European Parliament (EP) to consider carefully the recommendations emerging from this research, particularly in the context of the proposed General Data Protection Regulation and Directive." (S. 1)

Full Policy Brief (PDF):

European Policy Brief

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